Glass for Steinhauer Lighting fixtures.

Explore our extensive stock of replacement glass on the Steinhauer Verlichting website, specially designed for the various lighting fixtures with glass elements. In the world of lighting, glass can unfortunately be fragile and sometimes damaged due to various reasons. At Steinhauer, we understand that glass is breakable, and therefore, we think along with you.

Glass is fragile.

Whether it's a broken lampshade, damaged glass lampshade, or another glass element on your lighting fixture, we have an extensive selection of replacement glass available. Our inventory includes various shapes, sizes, and styles, making it easy for you to find the right glass to restore the original appearance of your lighting.

Order easily online through our website and restore the brilliance of your lighting with our high-quality replacement glass. At Steinhauer, we strive to provide you with optimal solutions, even when it comes to replacement glass.

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